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Vision is known for their high quality e-cigarette batteries, and has since 2007 produced Electronic Cigarette products and keep surprising users again and again with their persistence in producing innovative ecig products.

Vision create superior life-altering products, and changed the traditional view of the cartomizer to the more modern clearomizer, which is non-leakage and convenient to use. Also the introduction of the VISION VIVI NOVA pushed electronic cigarettes to a new mileage with more practical and more economical features.

The Vision Spinner battery allowed more electronic cigarette users to feel feel the joy of quality and the ability to control different electronic cigarettes voltage fluctuations, and now the introduction of the VISION SPINNER II encourages electronic cigarette users to set higher standards for beauty and design.


Vision Spinner II - 1650 mAh

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Vision Spinner II - 1650 mAh

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