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For your E Cigarette Battery we, of course, have many different clearomizers to use. It is the Clearomizer in which you fill eliquid and which produces the vapor and thereby gives you the whole experience of smoking. We generally recommend clearomizers where the atomizer-coil is placed at the base.

We call them Clearomizers with bottom coils. The central idea of this type of clearomizer is that the atomizer coils are placed at the base of the clearomizer. An atomizer coil has on the outside some very short wicks made of silica material. These wicks transport the eliquid into the atomizer itself within the atomizer coil.  


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What is a bottom coil clearomizer ?

The burner is typically made from Kanthal wire, which is wound around the silica wick a number of times. The number of windings and the thickness of the Kanthal wire determind the ohm resistance of the burner / atomizer coil

When the atomizer coil / burner with the wicks is placed at the bottom of the clearomizer container instead of at the top, you are guaranteed due to gravity that there is always liquid around the wicks, and can willl not have to tilt your container for supplying liquid to the wicks, and will thereby avoid the so-called "dry hits".

The atomizer coil in a bottom coil clearomizer can be exchanged with a new one. Therefore you do not need to buy a new clearomizer when the atomizer coil is starting to give off an undesired flavour or is completely burnt out. This is the reason we sell these single atomizer coils / bottom coils and also in 5 pack blisterpacks where you save 20%. Put in other terms buy 5 atomzercoils and pay only for 4 !!

Maintain your bottom coil clearomizer

A burner/ atomizer coil will usually last 1-2 weeks when used normally. If you vape more than average it will last a shorter time and vice versa, so you may experience that some atomizer coils even last up to 4 weeks. On the other hand you may be unlucky and it only lasts 3 days. An atomizer coil is a consumer product and therefore carries no guarantee.

You can compare an atomizer coil with that of smoking a pipe. A smoking pipe needs to be cleaned in between using it in order not to get pipesauce in your mouth and also in order to remove old tobacco residues which does not taste very good. The principle is the same with an atomizer coil.

Over time when there has ran a certain amount of e-liquid through the burner it will start to taste bad or burnt or completely stop working. This is when you need to change it to a new coil.

If it tastes burnt, it may just be due to the small external wicks not being able to transport the liquid into the coil well enough, and therefore there will not be enough liquid available for the coil to use and it will  start to taste burnt since it is actually the cotton wool in the coil that burned and not the liquid that is vaporized when you press the battery button.

You can try to clean the atomizer coil by rinsing it in water or alcohol solution overnight and then leaving it out to dry for about 1 day. This may cause the coil to recover some.

Atomizer coils / bottom coils can be purchased with different ohm resistancer. The lower ohm resistance the more vapor will be produced.

Different ohm resistance is achieved by changing the number of windings in the coil and the choice of different thickness of Kanthal wire. But the lower the ohm, the more you will also impact your coil, and therefore the technical lifetime of your bottom coil is therefore shorter the lower ohm resistance it has.

You will also experience that the taste of the e-liquid is also influenced by the ohm resistance you have in your atomizercoil / bottom coil. On the atomizer coil there will be a laser engraved informative ohm resistance.

Exchange the atomizer coil in your bottom coil Clearomizer

The atomizer coil/ bottom coil is changed by unscrewing the bottom of Clearomizer. At the very bottom of the Clearomizer the atomizer coil itself is screwed into a threading where you must then unscrew the coil and replace it with a new one. Then you screw the bottom of the clearomizer onto the Clearomizer again.

There are many different manufacturers of clearomizers with bottom coils. Which should you choose? It can be a difficult decision, as they all solve the same purpose, namely to evaporate any e-liquid into vapor.

Our advice is to simply try some different ones out because manufacturers use different technology, and some atomizer coils / bottom coils provide cold vapor and other produce hot vapor, and the taste after all is very different from clearomizer to clearomizer, as this directly is influenced by how the coil is wrapped and if it for instance is placed horizontally or vertically.

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