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We sell many different clearomizers in different colors and models within the type CE4 and CE5.


Aspire CE5-S Metal Clearomizer

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CE4 clearomizers - advantages

Our CE4 model has a capacity of 1.6 ml. e-liquid, and has recently been enhanced with a small spring so there is a constant contact with the battery. In this model you unscrew the drip tip (mouthpiece) and pour the e-liquid into the clearomizer while being careful not to get liquid into the middle pipe where the e-liquid will run out. Instead keep the Clearomizer at an angle when you refill your e-liquid and also give the e-liquid a minute to be drawn into the burning chamger before starting vaping.. giving you a much better flavor and effect.

These clearomizers are primarily used in the more inexpensive e-cigarette starterkits, since they are what we refer to as "disposable" clearomizers,  where you throw away the entire Clearomizer when it is worn out, and you can NOT replace the burner inside the Clearomizer.

Depending on how much you vape, it is advised to change clearomizer after about 1-2 weeks of normal use. The burner/atomizer in this clearomizer consists of 2 small threads that suck up your e-liquid and is located at the top of the clearomizer. This burner/atomizer can tolerate a maximum 4.4 volts and has a resistance of 2.0 ohms. You can also choose to buy a multipack of 5 pcs. CE4 clearomizers and get a discount on this. These clearomizers fit all EGO batteries.

If you want to use several different flavors, it is a good idea to have more of these so you can use / change them according to flavours, since the first flavour you use willl remain in the clearomizer in for some time.

CE5 clearomizers - the differences from the CE4 Clearomizer

Our CE5 clearomizer type model can hold 2.0ml e-liquid, and using BC (Bottom Coil) atomizers so in this model you can replace the atomizer so you should not throw it out but only replace the small atomizer/coil. Regular replacement is recommended within 1-2 weeks of use, depending on how much you vape. In this model you fill up you e-liquid from the bottom by unscrewing the bottom of the clearomizer. This is where the atomizer/coil is located which you can replace when it has burned out. 

When you fill up e-liquid you must remember tilt the Clearomizer at an angle, so you do not fill up in the middle of the tube, otherwise the fluid will just run out of the bottom of the clearomizer. The difference from a CE4 type Clearomizer to a CE5 type Clearomizer is that with the CE4 one might experience a slightly burnt flavor from time to time, whereas in the CE5 Clearomizer a constant supply of e-liquid is available to the atomizer/coil located at the bottom resulting in always good production of vape and taste.

The CE5 Clearomizer is made as a continuous tube that has the mouthpiece molded into the very Clearomizer. Here you will not get any leakage associated with having the e-cigarette in your pocket upside down. You can also choose to buy a multipack with 5 pcs. CE5 clearomizers and get a discount on this. This clearomizer fits all EGO batteries. This model can withstand a maximum 4.8 volts and has a resistance of 2.2 ohms.

Please note that there's no warranty on clearomizers.

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