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Rebuildable Dripper (RDA)

This is Atomizers for the advanced user who would like to design his/her own Atomizer. On these models you can replace wicks and build your own coils. You need patience since there's a learningcurve to overcome, but when you're beyond this point, then most vapors agree that it has been worth the effort with regard to maximizing flavor, taste and vapor of your e-cigarette.

The difference between an RTA and RDA is that an RDA doesn't have a tank which can hold a few ml. of e-liquid but you actually have to drip a few drops of e-liquid into the atomizer at a time, and then vape that before you add a few more drops. But design gets better and better so it's often possible to get approx. 1 ml. of e-liquid into your RDA juice well.

On each item description you'll find videos which will support you in your learning process.


Kanthal Resistance Wire - Clapton Parallel 3m.

GBP 11,00DKK 95,00
Item no:734

Tobeco Double Vision RDA Dripper

GBP 20,99GBP 5,99DKK 175,00
Item no:712
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Tobeco Vortice RDA Dripper

GBP 20,00GBP 11,00DKK 175,00
Item no:170
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Vandy Vape - iCon RDA

GBP 26,50DKK 225,00
Item no:714
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Mutation X V5 RDA - Dripper

GBP 26,99DKK 229,00
Item no:522
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Geekvape Tsunami RDA Dripper

GBP 28,50GBP 20,50DKK 249,00
Item no:363
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