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Coming soon

Here you will find the products coming soon to the web shop. The products are not on stock yet and hence not supposed to be ordered yet. It’s only to give you knowledge about what exciting new e-cig products are about to be available in our webshop. We get the latest and best products on the market, so keep checking back.

To be able to focus on the e-cigarette products of the future we have continuous contact with all relevant suppliers, existing as well as new ones. We discuss their product development as well as test results and always try to have the latest information available on launching dates for new products.

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We also actively take part in discussions on various forums to get a feeling of the users experiences with various products as well as tips and tricks to pass on to our customers. Some e-cigarette users have tried products from less known manufacturers, and these experiences we share with them, and get contact to new potential suppliers. All with the purpose of giving the very best products to our customers.

So click around the site and order your new E-Cigarette Products.
  If you have questions, we are of course ready to assist you with your purchase. E-mail us at mail@epuff.co.uk  

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