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Stentorian RAM BF Squonk Bottle 7 ml

GBP 4,99DKK 4,99
Item no:127

Geekvape Athena Squonk MOD

GBP 43,00GBP 38,00DKK 43,00
Item no:206
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Wismec Luxotic BF Box MOD Kit

GBP 51,99GBP 38,00DKK 51,99
Item no:629
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Stentorian RAM BF Squonk MOD

GBP 60,50GBP 47,50DKK 60,00
Item no:394
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What is a squonk MOD?

Sqounk rda, sqounk dripper or sqounk MODs is maybe something you have heard about. Sqounking has been one of the most popular ways to wape now, and for a good reason. 

Sqounking is defined that your MOD (mech or regulated) has a bottle mounted in the MOD, where there is a hose directly to your rda or sqounk ready rta. The bottle holds your e-liquid. In contrary to a normal rta where the e-liquid automatically floads into your cotton you have to squeeze on the bottle and “pump” the e-liquid into your cotton on your rda. 

With sqounk you get the best from both worlds with many ml of e-juice and the flavor that’s rda’s give you. 

Sqounk MODs is both available in mechanical and regulated versions (mechanical is only for very experienced users only) To use sqounking it is necessary that your rda or rta are sqounk ready. It has to have a bottom feeder 510 pin or sqounk pin to use for sqounking. 

The most sold rda’s now are all sold with a BF pin or sqounking pin.

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