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Instructions for mixing your own E-Liquid

First we will warn against careless use of pure nicotine liquid.Nicotine liquid in its pure form is referred to as a poison and can kill in the right quantity. Nicotine is absorbed through the skin, so we strongly recommend that you use gloves. If you still get nicotine on the skin, it should immediately be washed off.

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What's needed:
To create our own solution, you at least need 3 items. Most people choose to use the 4 elements. What you need is:
1 Nicotine liquid
2 Fluid PG (Propylene Glycol)
3 VG liquid (Vegetable Glycerin)
4 Aroma Essence
5 If necessary, demineralized water
6 Empty bottles
7 Syringes for measuring fluid quantities

Ad 1. Nicotine liquid:

We recommend that nicotine liquid must be based on PG liquid. This means that you buy PG liquid containing nicotine. You should buy PG with as strong nicotine content as possible since it gives better opportunities to mix in the PG/VG ratio you want. The reason for this is that there is typically more PG liquid than VG liquid in a pre-mixed e-liquid. (More about this later).

At epuff.com you can get both PG and VG liquid with nicotine content of 0-18 mg pr. ml.

Ad 2. PG liquid:

In order to get the exact mg. nicotine strength you want, you also should use clean PG liquid. PG is a very thin liquid, like water consistency. PG gives less vapour, but great taste.

Ad 3. VG liquid:

In order to get the correct ratio between PG and VG, you have to use some clean VG too. VG is in contrast to PG a thick liquid that gives good vapor but less flavor.

Normally the ratio varies between PG / VG liquid in the completed premixed e-liquid from a 50/50  to a 80 / 20 ratio. So depending on the desired nicotine strength, vapor intensity and taste in the finished e-liquid, you must use VG liquid with nicotine content too. It's all up to your personal preferences !

Ad 4. Aroma Essence:

In order to get the flavor to the final e-liquid, aroma essence must be added.

Click here and buy PG, VG and Aroma essence.

Ad 5. Demineralized water:

VG is a rather fat liquid and therefore many uses demineralized water to dillute the VG liquid. Many choose to dilute the e-liquid mixture when the VG content is 50%, but some do it also by a VG content of 30%. How much you can dillute the liquid depends on your mixing ratio between PG and VG. If you choose to dilute the liquid is the "normal" use approx. 5% demineralized water. A maximum of 10%.

Ad 6. Empty bottles:

You need some empty bottles to mix the fluids up in. Buy enough of them, so you are able to mix a portion at the same time.
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Ad 7. Syringes for measuring:

To mix your fluids exactly, it is much easier if you have some syringes for the purpose. You will typically use the larger syringes for PG and VG liquids, and the 1ml. syringes for the aroma essences. Remember to buy a couple of 1ml. syringes, so you can mix several fluids at once without having to wash syringes all the time. Once you have mixed the fluids you need, remember to clean the syringes, so they can be used again and again.
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How to blend e-liquid:

PG and VG are the elements that is use to dilute the nicotine liquid. If you are a beginner at mixing your own e-liquid, we recommend using a mix of approx. 70% PG and 30% VG. This will give a good taste, a good amount of vapor and last but not least a fine throat hit. However, you can easily vary the ratios and for example, make a liquidbase of 60% PG and 40% VG, 80% PG and 20% or VG/PG 50/50. These proportions are a matter of nicotine content, taste and vapor intensity. You will only after some time find out what you prefer. 

A word of advice if you are adding fruit flavors, is that these flavores are harder to "break through" to taste, depending on the fruit of course, so you should preferably use 10% fruit aroma in your e-mix. In contrast here to, coffee, caramel, chocolate (all thick flavorings) "beats" very fast through, and has a very prominent flavor, so you should probably not use more than 5% flavoring. But again it is individual/personal preference.

Once you have bought the different things needed, you can make our own e-liquid, and you need to find out how and in what proportions it should be mixed in. We recommend you use the mixing ratio 70/30 with our PG / VG liquids.

For use regarding the blend of e-liquids there are different liquid calculators, and we recommend that you use one of these. One of the easiest to get started with is from "ejuice me up":

You can download it by clicking here.(Look in the lower right corner)

If you're not using a liquid calculator the general rule is that 1 ml. ~ 20 drops of liquid.

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