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Kanger is one of our new brands of e-cigarettes and accessories such as clearomizers. And our customers are already excited. The range is a class of its own with a very good relation between price and quality. Similarly, the emphasis is on style and design in the production of these great products.

Kanger makes some of the very best clearomizers, and most of them have the atomizer / coil placed on the bottom. It's where the e-liquid is, and you eliminate the need for long wicks to deliver fluid to the top and therefore often gives a burnt taste for short-term use.

Kanger´s design is a solid construction made of stainless steel, Pyrex glass and great design. The choice of Pyrex makes your tank / burner able to withstand even the toughest e-liquids without cracking, discoloration or change in taste. Pyrex is a very durable glass material and is used, among other things in ovenware. However, it may happen that the glass may very well break if you are unlucky enough to drop it on a hard tile floor.

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epuff.co.uk offer the following Kanger e-cigarette products:

Kanger eVod Batteries
Kanger Dual Coil atomizers
Kanger T3s Clearomizer
Kanger eVod Clearomizers
Kanger Protank clearomizers

You can also visit our swedish webshop where you can buy your E-Cigarett , or our german webshop where you can buy your E-Zigarette.

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