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iSmoka/Eleaf is a part of a joint-venture in cooperation with Joyetech, where focus is on production of types of clearomizers, which Joyetech do not produce on their own. The standard of quality of iSmoka is equal to that of Kanger (Kangertech).

iSmoka/Eleaf uk was established in 2008 and is building up an excellent reputation for high-quality electronic cigarette products, and has for a long time specialized in elegant appearances, modern designs and personalized colours in their product line.

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iSmoka/Eleaf e-cigarette products from epuff.co.uk

The following iSmoka/Eleaf uk e-cigarette products are available from epuff.co.uk:

ISmoka/eleaf iKit BCC Clearomizer 1,6 ml.
ISmoka iGo BCC Clearomizer 3,5 ml.
ISmoka/eleafMagoo Clearomizer 3,0 ml.
ISmoka/eleafMagoo coil and wick kit
ISmoka/eleafMagoo Dual Coil Atomizers
ISmoka/eleafMagoo Single Coil Atomizers
ISmoka BCC Atomizers
ISmoka Disposable e-cigarette 280 mAh
ISmoka/eleafiPipe Atomizers
ISmoka/eleafiKit 650 mAh Battery
ISmoka/eleafiPipe Stand
ISmoka iKit 900 mAh Battery
ISmoka iGo Kit
ISmoka iKit mini BCC Startkit
ISmoka/eleafiPipe Kit
ISmoka/eleafiPipe pipehead

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