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On this page you will find our selection of E-Cigars for those of you who wish to enjoy a cigar without tobacco smoke and other bothersome elements. Here you will find our delicious E-cigar with nicotine which is a great item to have in your pocket at a party, and it can even be used over several times and thus be taken from one party to the next.

E-cigars are a relatively new product in the e-cigarette universe. An E-cigar is made to look just like a real cigar, as well as, provide the same user experience as the real thing.

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About the E-cigar - The electronic cigar

Electronic Cigars are battery-powered devices which are similar and for most parts feel just like a real cigar depending on the quality of the e-cigar you buy of course.

Despite what some people may say, there are no negative consequences to report on the use of e-cigars, and though the electronic cigar has only been on the market for about 2-3 years, it has already become highly popular. Mainly for the following reasons: Indoor use, the possibility of different flavours, selection of nicotine strength, almost no odor and therefore a better alternative to traditional cigars.

E-cigars with e-liquid typically contain 4 ingredients.
1) Glycol
2) Water
3) Aroma
4) Nicotine (various levels depending on consumer choice)

In addition, there is no combustion or burning in electronic cigars in contrast to conventional cigars.

How does my e-cigar work ?

When you take a pull on an electronic cigar, the air flow is detected by the sensor in the internal chip in your e cigar. The battery is thereby activated and provides power to the atomizer inside the cartridge itself which evaporates e liquid in the e-cigar and produces vapor.

Our disposable Electronic Cigars are exactly as the name states. You use the product until it stops working and then you just throw it out and start on a new Ecigar. For many, this is an easy solution because you do not have to worry about recharging your battery or filling up your e-cigar with e-liquid again and again.

It is also important to note that the e cigar battery does not use power or drain when it is not in use.

The E-Cigar is popular

The E-cigar is becoming a popular product mainly because of the convenience of being able to smoke a cigar without disturbing others.  It is also a popular product among party smokers, as for example at Christmas parties, company parties, poker nights, etc.  because you don´t need to put out your cigar when you want to put it on hold for a bit.

One of the disadvantages of an authentic cigar is that it should be enjoyed in one sitting, or at most be split into two or three sittings to avoid the bad old cigar taste. This is not a problem or necessary with the electronic cigar since the bad taste of old cigar does not exist in the e-cigar.

The differences between the E-Cigar and a "real" cigar

The most remarkable difference between an authentic cigar and the e-cigar is the absence of the cigar smell filling the entire room when using the real cigar, and these electronic cigars look and feel just like a real cuban cigar making it possible to enjoy it in a company where smoking is not welcome or when the smell threatens to ruin the entire experience.

Electronic cigars have a lot to live up to since a “real” cigar smoker will not be easy to satisfy when the cigar is to be replaced with something else. This is usually quickly fixed when the user sees the very realistic quality most e-cigars have, and then there is the experience the user gets which more than lives up to expectations for most.  From a short distance it is almost impossible to see that these e-cigars are actually electronic and the only thing missing is the smoke and ash.

Most e-cigars are disposable and can last for several months if you only use them f.ex only on weekends. They have LED tips which are usually partially camouflaged behind a type of screen in order to look like and imitate the glow and the ash on a real Cigar.

E-Cigars we recommend

For the Cigar connoisseur we recommend our prestigeous disposable e-cigar with either COHIBA or  MONTE CRISTO flavor and with 16 mg. nicotine.
This E-Cigar has approximately 700 pulls and can with great benefit be saved from use to use and provides an unparalleled experience and flavor wherever you are!

The Cohiba E-Cigar: The production of Cohiba cigars was started in 1966 by Fidel Castro. For many years the Cohiba cigars were so exclusive, thet they were only given to foreign heads of state or diplomates. In 1982 Cohiba was made a commercial brand but still only manufactured in limited quantities. The Cohiba name decedents from the original indian language on Cuba, and symbilosed the "rolled" tobacco leaves that the native were smoking.

The Montecristo E-Cigar: Montecristo is the best known cuban cigar brand all over the world, and is often beeing considered as the reference cigar in terms of flavor and taste for "cigarafficionados" all over the world. Like the sister brand Romeo y Julieta the brand refers to the famous novel "The Count of Montecristo" by Alexandre Dumas' , which also was a quite appreciated novel amongst the cigarworkers i Havanna in 1935. In terms of strength the Montecristo is medium/full bodied, and perceived as being stronger than for example Romeo y Julieta.

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