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Who are Cosmic Fog Vapors ?

These premium variants from Cosmic Fog are testet to live up to perfection and are mixed in 40% pg 60% vg blends in the following nicotine strengths: 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg and 12 mg.

Cosmic Fog Vapors was founded in Orange County, California and created on a mission: Only to make the most unique, thorougly tested, high-quality e-liquids the vaping-world has ever seen. Each flavor has to be an exciting new experience for each user, and taken into account the time spent on each blend it will be so.

Cosmic Fog Vapors spend an average of 7-10 months developing EVERY VARIANT, where they combine their skills in the culinary world with dedicated research to create each blend into a unique user experience.

We are proud to mention that each variant is used by the mixers themselves non-stop for several weeks after it has been developed, to ensure that it is not only perfect, but also a flavor you will like for a longer period of time and so you do not get tired of it.

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