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Buy e-liquid with or without nicotine. You decide on the nicotine strength yourself as well as the flavor. Would you like to cut down on cigarettes and nicotine, you can gradually choose an e-liquid with still lower strength until you reach the desired nicotine level. For more information about the content of the e-liquids please see below. If you're into vaping you can read the About Us page as well as get more information on e-cigarettes here.

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High quality Electronic Cigarette Liquid

We only sell e-liquid, high quality! The quality is impeccable, whether you are buying pre-mixed e-liquid flavors or PG / VG bases. We can vouch for the content of the fluids, our strategy is to participate in the development of e-liquid. In this way we can ensure that you receive the contents of the quality that you expect. All e-liquids produced during clinical and sterile conditions. Our priorities are to improve quality and thereby accept a slightly higher cost. Still, we can offer a wide range of e-liquid in various price ranges, and we naturally provide discounts on the purchase of larger multipaks which is very economical.

What is e-liquid

E-liquid is the term for the liquid you pour in your clearomizer or cartomizer to your E-Cigarette. This is the e-liquid that tastes and steam when you use your e-cigarette. This e-liquid is available both with and without nicotine and in a variety of flavors. Our customers report again and again that we have the best e-liquid in the market and that it is the easiest way to stop smoking on. With us you can get advice on what type of e-liquid to choose, whether it's a new world for you or you are an experienced user. Have you become smoke-free, but do you feel of smoking? Try our e-liquid without nicotine but with the authentic taste of cigarettes.

Electronic Cigarette liquid

What's in my e-liquid?

Most Eletronic Cigarette Liquids are based on a mix of PG and VG, mineral water and aroma. ePuff e-liquid is approx. 67% PG, 23% VG and approx. 10% flavor. VP or vegetable glycerin is an organic substance that is used in the food and pharmaceutical industries, and is safe. PG or propylene glycol is an organic substance that is used as food additives in foods and is approved by the U.S. FDA.

E-liquid with or without nicotine

We sell e-liquid with 5 levels of nicotine:

0 mg = no nicotine content
6 mg = light
12 mg = normal
18 mg = strong

Ingredients in our e-liquid

Propylene glycol > 65 % 
Water < 10 %
Glycerol < 20 % 
Aroma < 5 % 
Oil from tobacco leaves < 5 %
Nicotine (from tobacco leaves) < 3 %
Trimethylpyrazine < 1 %
Tetramethylpyrazine < 1 %
Dinethylpyrazine < 1 %
Acetypyrazine < 1 %
Methyl butyic acid < 1 %
Terp ineol < 1 %
Ethyl maltol < 1 %
Guaiacol < 1 %
Acetyl pyridine < 2 %
Octalactone(gamma) < 1 %

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