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Which is the best Electronic Cigarette Brand ?

A quick guide to Electronic cigarette brands and models

At epuff.co.uk we have chosen to carry only the best electronic cigarette brands and products from renowned quality manufacturersIn other words, we want to make our customers feel secure about the quality of our products and how they work, and that shopping at epuff.co.uk implies that everything  besides the products also works to your full satisfaction. Be it customer service, deliverytimes, shop functionality, product range and pricing.

Electronic cigarette brands: Which is the best electronic cigarette ?

electronic cigarette brands

Aspire: New manufacturer which has affected their excellent coil technology for clearomizers. Aspire coil provides good steam and super taste. Focuses on quality clearomizers.

DBox: Less manufacturer focusing on a few different products. Often used as a subcontractor to other well-known brand manufacturers.

epuff: Is our own brand. Production of selected partners in China. The range is a clone of the original models, but done very professionally. All in all good quality and the products are also cheaper than those from brand manufacturers.

Innokin range: Innokin is characterized by also having the more advanced MODs and Variable Volt batteries. A really good producer at a higher quality level than Kangertech.

ISmoka: A joint venture with Joyetech as half. Produces the clearomizers which Joyetech not have the range. Manufacturer in line with Kangertech.

Joyetech: Joyetech is the leader in e-cigarette market in both design and functionality. High quality of products but also a high price. The focus is the development of complete e-cigarette kit.

Kangertech: Or perhaps better known as Kanger. Has been a popular brand due to a good relationship ml. price and quality, and their focus on developing clearomizers.

Provape: Best known for their luxury product Provari. The top inside MODs

Tobeco: Produces advanced clearomizers, MODs and Rebuildable Atomizers. Laver also clones of the very expensive products in the category.

Vision: Vision is known for their batteries of great quality.

Youde: Produces advanced Rebuildable Atomizers in top quality.

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Cartomizers / Clearomizers:

The taste is unmatched compared to a conventional atomizer and you will experience thescratchy throat”, which smokers often seek. You can take advantage of a VV battery (see below), on which you can regulate the voltage up and down, and get even more flavor and vapor. Equally for Cartomizers, Clearomizers and atomizers is that they all have the same functionality, namely to evaporate the e-liquid and give you the smoking experience. The difference to the normal atomizer is that the Cartomizer / Clearomizer as a rule can contain a lot more fluid and also that the fluid chamber and the atomizer are combined in a single unit. So fewer refills and less risk of fluid leakage, and as many also says, more pure taste.

The various Cartomizers / Clearomizers have different evaporation principles and resistance (ohms), which gives a different vapor experience. So it is up to your personal taste which model gives you the excact flavor you like. Therefore we will not recommend any above others. Determining which is the best electronic cigarette is very difficult since it is very much up to the individual user demands.

Variable Volt BATTERIES:
With these batteries, you can adjust voltage and resistance and hereby design the taste of your vapor experience.
For the more advanced user: For a more detailed description read more about the different Variable Volt Batteries.


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