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Variable Voltage Batteries - VV/VW E-Cigarette Batteries

Variable Voltage and Variable Wattage e-cigs are ideal for those smokers who want more vapour. They also offer a more intense throat-hit and make the flavour richer.


eGo/ePuff II Twist battery - 2200 mAh

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Vision Spinner II - 1650 mAh

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Variable Voltage Batteries Explained

Electronic cigarette users have the option to alter their vaping experience based on their preferences. Although an ordinary e-cigarette battery will operate at a voltage of 3.7V, your experience will change when different cartomizers, atomizers and e-liquids are used. Some combinations can deliver excellent throat-hits and rich flavours, while some others can make you feel unsatisfied. Electronic cigarettes can now be adjusted for the ideal throat-hit, flavour and vapour production you desire. Variable voltage e-cigarettes permit you to change the device’s voltage in accordance with your preferences.
The main benefit of using a variable voltage e-cigarette is that you can get your smoking device to produce a higher quantity of vapour than smaller e-cigarettes. A large number of smokers wish for more vapour so as to make it feel like they are closer to smoking traditional cigarettes. Variable voltage e-cigs do exactly that! Most of the e-cigarettes out there use batteries that are rated at 3.7 volts, cartomizers that are 2.5 ohms and a power production of around 5.5 watts. Some e-cigarette users try to tune up the performance of their devices by using larger batteries. Some also couple their batteries with low resistance cartomizers and atomizers.
When a battery of 3.7 volts is paired with an attachment of 1.5 ohms, the e-cigarette will increase its vapour production to more than 9 watts. Variable voltage electronic cigarettes on the other hand have the potential to achieve a vapour production of almost 12 watts, with a battery of 6 volts and an attachment of 3 ohms.

Differences between variable voltage e-cigs and the regular ones:

Similar to ordinary e-cigarettes, 3.7-volt batteries are used by variable voltage e-cigs. The difference between the two is that the latter’s battery has a booster circuit that is responsible for storing and regulating power from it. This power is then delivered to the cartomizer or atomizer at your selected voltage. Microprocessors are also used by variable voltage e-cigs for safety reasons. These microprocessors are also known to give you accurate control over the production of vapour. The presence of advanced internal elements is the reason why variable voltage e-cigs cost more than the ordinary ones.

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