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E-Cigarette Batteries 900-1000 mAh

The 900-1000 mAh E-Cigarette Batteries are for people who would like a higher production of vapor and a longer life between charges of the battery. But still, they do not want to carry around a huge battery or E-Cigarette MOD which takes up more space and can be a bit difficult to have in your pocket.


Kanger eVod 1000 mAh Battery

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Nitecore Digicharger D4

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Batteries for e-cigarettes come in many different shapes and sizes. They are usually lithium-ion, so they can be charged very quickly and the user experiences a good and very stable battery.

The E-cigarette batteries on this page are all from 900-1000 mAh. They can keep charged for about 7-10 hours on one charge depending on how many puffs you take and what type of Clearomizer / Atomizer you are using with the battery.

These batteries have a greater capacity than typical "medium" battery of 650 mAh, and therefore needs charging less frequently.

The different sizes of E-Cigarette Batteries

It makes sense that the larger the battery is physically, the more capacity it will have. You can see on the picture below how this affects the length of the battery itself without a clearomizer.

ecigaret batterier

The battery plugs are usually a “double-thread” plug so they can be used with both "Ego-T “ clearomizers and with various other clearomizers, as long as they have either an eGo or a " 510" thread. The inside thread is called 510, and the external thread is referred to as an ego thread. This gives a great flexibility when you have to choose a clearomizer since all of these will fit the double thread batteries.

900-1000 mAh E-Cigarette Batteries

mAh stands for milli Ampere hour or milli-Amp hour and is a measurement of the battery's energy storage capacity. If you try to imagine that your battery is a bit like a fuel tank in an airplane or car, then mAh in this example is a measure of how much fuel it can hold. It then makes sense that the higher the mAh an e-cigarette battery, the more energy it will be able to hold at a time ... and the longer your “journey” can last before you once again must “land” to recharge your battery.

Put in simpler terms it is how many puffs you can take before the battery needs charging. The really slim e-cigarettes have batteries that range anywhere from 90mAh to about 360mAh, which means that these smaller batteries will need to be recharged much more often.

Which 900-1000 mAh Battery do I choose ?

When buying batteries for your e-cigarette you should always be a bit careful with deals that look too good to be true. The market is flooded with cheap copies, some of which can even be dangerous (overheating during charging, for example). We always advise our customers to buy batteries from a "known" brand and from a reputable supplier when you're looking for an upgrade or a new battery.

Remember that you often get what you pay for, so be careful not to compromise the quality of your e-cigarette battery, as it is very important that it is safe and gives exactly the output voltage it is designed to… both when charging and in use.

All eGo batteries have a protective function with lock. This can be activated and deactivated by pressing the button typically 5 times in a row. It will lock the battery, so it can not be activated inappropriately in your bag or pocket. Press 5 times again to activate the battery.

Protection against overcharging is a standard in our batteries, as eGo models have a microchip to prevent this. When the battery is fully charged it turns off automatically for charging.

Comparing E-Cigarette Batteries

You will find batteries from many different manufacturers that are compatible with a wide range of e-cigarettes, but you should expect some differences in the way they operate. The best advice we can give is probably to stick to a battery that works well for you. For example, if you bought an e-cigarette starter kit and want a new battery, make sure you´re buying the same type of batteries, or replace them with batteries from a reputable brand if you are sure that they are compatible with your starterkit.

When comparing e-cigarette batteries, in this case the standard type ecig batteries, you can see in the chart below that many of the technical details are the same. But the more power the battery can hold, the bigger (longer) it will be. In practical terms this means that you can puff more before you have to re-charge them again.





Length and diameter

71 x 14 mm

86 x 14 mm

96 x 14 mm

Number of charges/lifetime

300 charges

300 charges 

300 charges

Charge holds

1 day

1.5 days

2 days

Amount of cigarettes

1-2 packs

2-3 packs

2-4 packs

Number of puffs per charge

600 puffs

8-900 puffs

1000-1200 puffs

Normal Volt Output

3.7-4.2 volt

3.7-4.2 volt

3.7-4.2 volt

Charging Volt

4.7 volt

4.7 volt

4.7 volt

Charging time

4 Hours

5 Hours

6 Hours

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