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Electronic Cigarettes get their power from a rechargeable battery, but unfortunately no batteries last forever. It is therefore a great idea to have a spare battery lying around in case of an emergency if something should happen to your main battery. We always have great deals and low prices on a selection of our e-cigarette batteries, so shop and buy a spare battery today.

What does mAh mean in a battery?

mAh is a technical term which stands for milliampere hour, and sets a limit on the battery capacity and thus how much power the battery can hold. The higher the mAh a battery has, the longer between recharges for the user. An E-Cigarette Battery with 650 mAh does NOT give off less steam than a 1100 mAh battery, but most prefer a larger battery that does not need recharging more than every other day, and therefore they often choose a 1100 mAh battery.

The level of the battery's output and the amount of steam it will provide is governed by Volt or Watt. A standard battery can not be adjusted in output voltage / watt, but variable volt batteries and E-Cigarette MODS can.

eGo battery - The standard for E-Cigarette Batteries

The eGo battery is the most recognizable of all of the e-cigarette batteries, and  it is a really good standard which is available as a part of most E-Cigarette starter kits.

e-cigaret batterier

Besides the well known eGo thread, the eGo batteries also have a 510 thread, so you can use ALL the different types of clearomizers, cartomizers etc. since they either have a 510 or eGo thread.

The output of these batteries is on a fixed voltage of 3.2V-3.3V and is fine for the clearomizers included in the starter kits, and CE4, CE5 types and other clearomizers with 1.7 to 1.9 ohm atomizers. Using a 2.1 ohm atomizer on one of these standard batteries will give the atomizer a long life but much less steam than you might expect.

So if you want a practical and easy to use battery that you can rely on and works  every time, then the eGo Battery is a really good place to start your vaping experience.

Variable Volt Batteries – VV Batteries

Many users of e-cigarettes are very happy with a standard E-Cigarette Starter Kit and standard eGo batteries, but some are also beginning to see the benefits of having a little extra power since the standard eGo Battery "only" provides a fixed voltage of 3.2 v-3.3v.

This is not enough voltage for the larger ohm atomizers or (RBA) Rebuildable Atomizers, so if you are an advanced e-cigarette user, you probably have at least one VV Battery and possibly a mechanical or automatic MOD which provides you with even more opportunities to set your consumption and power so you can get the optimal and personally designed vaping experience you want.

The benefits of the VV batteries are many, including the fact that you can adjust the output voltage by pressing a button or turning a dial at the bottom of the battery. With a VV Battery you are also able to use clearomizers more precisely by adjusting the Volt settings to correspond with the atomizer (ohms) you will be using.

A more precise tuning of the Volt in relation to Ohm in the Clearomizer will provide you with a much better vapor and your atomizers will last longer.  A general rule is that a clearomizer with high ohms requires a high volt battery and a low ohm clearomizer requires low voltage.

MODS – MODS and Batteries

If you have the need for your battery to last for a long time on one charge, and also provide more power, then it might be a good idea for you to check out our MODS.

E-Cigarette MODS function by using an internal battery, which is usually taken out and put in a separate charger just for these types of batteries. 18350, 18650 and 26650 are the most common sizes, and you should check beforehand that your charger can charge these batteries.

The quality of the MOD Batteries on the market is very volatile, and it is therefore very important that you buy a battery of a certain standard and quality. This is not the place where it pays to save, since some of these batteries can be dangerous. We market only high quality batteries from Samsung, Sony and other manufacturers, so you can safely buy these from us.

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