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Aspire - "Our Aim is to be Life Changing" is a new but respected brand with continuous innovation and stable quality, and has quickly become one of the best known e-cigarette brands in the world since its introduction in 2013.
Aspire is a high-quality manufacturer with their own in house factory with over 10 years experience in the Electronic Cigarette market. Aspire has intense focus on high-level research and development. Aspire has more than 25-patented Electronic Cigarette products, and the goal is to bring at least one new product to the market every 3 months.

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Aspire e-cigarette products from epuff.co.uk

The following ASPIRE e-cigarette products are available from epuff.co.uk

Aspire CE5-S Metal Clearomizer
• Aspire Viva Nova BDC Clearomizer
• Aspire ET-S BDC Glas Clearomizer
• Aspire CF G-Power Battery 1300 mAh
• Aspire Nautilus Clearomizer Kit
• Aspire Nautilus Atomizers
• Aspire BDC Atomizers

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