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NEW DIY solution:

Due to EU legislation customers can continue to mix their own e-liquids WITH nicotine the following way.

You purchase 100 ml. pg/vg base with 0 mg nicotine, and at least 1 x 10 ml. pg/vg base with 18 mg. nicotine and the aromas/flavours you want to add.

For example if your desired result is a 10 ml with 6mg nicotine AND flavour the recipe is:

18 mg. Nicotine pg/vg base             3.3 ml        33.33 %
PG/VG base 0 mg.                          5.6 ml        56.67 %
Aroma/Flavour   (optional)                 1 ml             10 %

Use this e-liquid calculator which does the calculations for you:

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