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Aromas & Bases

Click here to read more about how to prepare your own e-liquid.

Here you can see test results for our VG-base and PG-base.

Use this e-liquid calculator to calculate the ratio of ingredients for your PG/VG base.

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Do you enjoy the e-liquid, where you decide the flavor strength, then E-Liquid DIY is just the thing for you. We offer the best quality of flavors, pg/vg bases and equipment so you can start your very own mix tutorial of your own. home. Mix it you self liquid for e-cigarettes are a relatively simple way to ensure that you can save some money, but also that your e-liquid gets just the right combination of strength, taste and vapor.

Our DIY E-liquid products come from a different supplier than our already mixed e-liquids, which is why a particular flavor of DIY e-liquid may not provide the exact same experience/taste as they finished liquids.

Click here to read more about how to prepare your own e-liquid.

Click here to download and install a calculator to calculate the ratio.

For people who vape it, moving into DIY (do-it-yourself) e-liquids and mixing your own, may sound like a really big step. But it's actually not all that complicated. As long as you are aware of a few certain things and use a calculator or a special program (see the link at the top of this page), then you are well on your way.

There are programs available that calculate how much of each individual ingredient to add available for computers, but you can also find similar apps for your smartphone.

E-Liquid DIY – Need to know

One good thing to know about VG and PG (the main ingredients in e-liquid) is that in general terms the VG produces vapor, whereas PG is much better at binding and thereby producing flavor but also throathit. So if you want an e-liquid with a lot of flavor you will want to consider a mixing-ratio with mainly PG. On the other hand if you want to be able to produce a bit larger vapor clouds you will need to have an e-liquid mixing-ratio based primarily on VG.

For example our epuff basic e-liquids have a mixing-ration of approximately 70% PG and 30% VG, whereas our epuff premium e-liquids are based on 50% PG and 50% VG.

When it comes to aromas you are no longer tied down to just one aroma when you mix your own e-liquid. If you are crazy about licorice and rasberries it is easy for you to experiment with these to create the perfect raspberry/licorice combined flavor. You can also easily adjust which of the two flavors should be the dominant one.

The great thing about DIY E-liquid is that you have the possibility of controlling all of the parameters in your e-liquid. In the beginning it may be a bit guesswork, but shortly after you will know exactly how you like your mixing ratios and aromas for creating your perfect e-liquid.

See link at the top of the page to read more about how you actually mix the e-liquid itself.

Remember to be careful and take neccesary precautions when you are working with nicotine !  

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