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How to order ?

Here we briefly will describe how our shop is built. This way you will quickly be able to order the products you want, but you also avoid ordering items that do not fit the model you may already have purchased. Please use just 2 minutes to read this.

Finding an item based on Brand vs. Finding a generic item

Exampel: I need a 650 mAh battery.
     * Select "Batteries" in the top menu and hereafter the sub category "Batteries < 650 mAh".
     * Now ALL batteries in our assortment are shown. I.e. all brands.


Exampel: I need a Joyetech 650 mAh battery.
     * Select Joyetech in the left "Brand menu" and hereafter the sub category "Batteries".
     * Now it's ONLY our Joyetech batteries that are shown. It reduces the posibilities significantly

How to navigate:
As you you can see on the pictures above, there's  a "Navigation line" over the items. It shows where you are in the webshop and how you got to the actual page. You can click on the links in the navigation line to get back to where you came from. 

Ordering items:

Quantity: Fill out the quantity field in the top right corner. 
Variant: Select variant on the drop down list.

Related items:
These are items that fit to / are used together with the actual item. You can order the item directly by typing in a quantity in the field to the right of the item.
If you want to know more about the related item then click the item text or the picture.

Add to basket: Shows the price on the actual item. If you have added a related item, the price on the button is updated to include the related item(s). Click the button to add all items to the basket

Customer center:


   Shows your customerdata
   Shows your orders / invoices / credit notes
   Setup your Quick Checkout
   Shows your points
   Information about our award/point programme
   Log out of the customer center

Quick checkout:


You get access to Quick Checkout by logging in to the customer center. Select preferences (wheel) to get to Quick Checkout. In Quick Checkout you can design your preferences, so that you quicker can finish a purchase in the webshop. So you don't have to decide on these parameters on every purchase !!!

Currently you can set the following preferences:
  * Delivery adress
  * Choice of shipping method
  * Choice of payment method


Using Quick Chekout:

When you have added items to your basket, you do the following:
1. Accept the trade terms
2. Type in a discountcode if you have one
3. Type in your e-mail

If you have setup alle the above 3 parameters then you go directly to Approval of your order.

You skip the following 3 steps in the buying process:
* Basket overview
* Customer and delivery adress
* Choosing shipping and payment method

Hereafter you get to type in your creditcard data / order is made (if bank transfer has been chosen)

You are not logged in. Click on 'log in' to visit our customercenter.

01384401609   mail@epuff.co.uk

Log-in to setup your preferences. Preferences such as delivery address, preferred payment method etc.

Log-in and setup quick checkout

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