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E-Cigarette FAQ

On this site we will try to answer the most frequent posed questions and give you a lot of tips and tricks that you might need when you are starting your new life with ePuff E-cigarettes.

You are also welcome to contact your local Ambassador if you have questions or would like a demo of some of the products.


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Storage of e-liquid

E-liquid must be stored between 4 and 25 degrees celsius. Is the temperature lower than 4 degrees celsius the liquid becomes too thick and hence too difficult to vapor. By temperatures above 25 degrees celsius a lot of aroma flavors are lost when vaporing the liquid.

Maintenance of Clearomizers

Normally it's not necessary to clean or "dry burn" the clearomizers before first time use. But when you have used it for a while it can be that vapor will be less or it begins to taste burned/bad. The reason beeing that on the glowthread there are remains of burned e-liquid which you can remove the following way:

You take of the entire cap/lid and empties the clearomizer tank. Then you carefully pull out the threads in each side and rinse them in hot water.  Still having everything out of the clearomizer tank, you mount the battery and press the button until the glowthread begins to glow. A lot of vapor is beeing produced and you shall not blow to get the vapor away because you then risk that the glowthreads will break. Then you put the glowthreads back into the clearomizer tank at put the lid back on. Make sure that the hole in the middle of the lid is directly above the tube in the middle. Otherwize e-liquid might flow into the clearomizer tube and directly into the battery.

Warranty on atomizer

Each atomizer is very individual, and the durability is very different. But it's also the part of the e-cig which is heavily loaded and constantly heats and evaporates vapor when puffed.

Warranty is as follows:

- LR atomizer: 24 hours. This means we only guarantee that it works when you receive it. This atomizer is designed to deliver much more vapor, so the atomizer is quite loaded.

- Other atomizers. 2-weeks guarantee. A clone product from an OEM manufacturer, so the warranty is also reduced.

If you buy a pack of 5 atomizers, it is always a good idea to check that they all work properly when received.

After some time my e-cig hardly produces any vapor

It is most likely your atomizer that needs to be cleaned. See below how to do it.
Tip: if you want more vapor, you may want to put some fluid directly into the atomizer, the filament and not into the chip.
You can also take some small puffs first and then, when there the e-cig is "heated up", you take a normal puff.

How should the atomizer be maintained? and how often shall it be cleaned?

By regular use of your ePuff cigarette, be sure to maintain your atomizer.

The atomizer is the sore point of the e-cigarette. If this is not cleaned daily, you will within a very short time experience that the amount of vapor becomes less and less, or that the taste is suddenly a little more burnt.

 For the above warranty period on atomizers to be valid, please follow these instructions:

1. Clean your atomizer daily. Seperate the atomizer from the battery by turning the battery, remove the filter and blow sharply into the end which is threaded. Remember to keep a paper towel at the other end, since fluid will run out from inside the atomizer. Alternatively, you can also use a little compressed air for this, but it must be limited, and only a little at a time.
2. Also clean your filter, especially if it is an ego-Tank filter.
Wipe the inside sides of the filter and insert it again.
3. You can also rinse your atomizers under the tap.

  • Hold the atomizer under the hot tap. Put water in the end where you normally put the filter in. The water pressure must not be too hard, as you may risk destroying the atomizer. Keep it there for about for 10-15 seconds and take it away from the jet.
  • Now you blow into the atomizer, from the threaded top until no more water comes out.
  • Repeat the process than 3-5 times.
  • Let the atomizer dry for a day before use.

Or you put the atomizer in a cup of boiling water for approx. 15 minutes. Approximately every 5 minutes you stir the water. Then you take the atomizer out of the water, blow out the water from the threaded end and let it dry for a day. Check that it is completely dry before you re-use this. Remember that daily maintenance - gives you the best pleasure of your ecigarette.

Maintaining your batteries?

From time to time you shall clean the top of the battery with a moist cotton swap so that you don't risk it's rusting.

My e-cigarette is completely dead:

Check the battery, maybe you have not noticed it blinking, charge it 2-3 hours and try again. If it still doesn't work try to change the atomizer, as it probably doesn't work anymore.

Be aware that the battery should be stored at room temperature. It's not good to have batteries stored in cold places.

Tip: Always make sure to have some extra batteries and atomizes.
Better too many than to sit on Saturday night and not getting your e-cig to work.


Tip: You're welcome to mix ePuff different flavors and strengths.

 This gives you your very own mix, you might love? When I started up using e-cigarettes, I quickly found out that a 16 mg. Tobacco with a splash of 36 mg. Mint, was one of my favorites. Our coffee flavor, I found very tasty after dinner, with a little brandy to - enjoy your meal ....

Can you just vape anywhere you like?

Yes, in principle, e-cigarettes is not a cigarette covered by the smoking law. But as I always do when I'm at a restaurant or public place, I always ask the waiter or another for permission, before I blow smoke rings one after the other. A funny thing you will experience is that people, both smokers and non smokers, approaches you to explore what it is you are smoking.In other words - an e-cigarette ia a contact-making cigarette, and you have to explain again and again what is.

 The cotton that are in the new filters, must it be removed before use?

No all filter are ready for use.

When do you know when to change eGo/epuff-E/510 filter?

Most people change the filter when changing tastes, so two flavors are not mixed in the same filter. If you only vapor one flavor the filter can hold very long. If you for example. have used the filter too long without adding e-liquid, it can happen that atomizes burn the top of the filter due to heat. It can give a burnt taste when you steamboat, also you should also change the filter.

 How to fill a cotton wool filter:

 When you fill a filter with liquid we recommend the following:

- Remove the cotton wool with a tweezer
- Put 8 to 9 drops of liquid into the filter. (Fill the filter approx. 80% full).
Also applies MEGA filters.
- Put the cotton wool back into the cartrigde
- Drip 1-2 drops of liquid on top of the cotton wool

The filter can be used until the cotton wool is destroyed, which is a long time. You probably throw away the filter before it is destroyed, as most are using a new filter when changing flavor. There is no specific indication of when a filter needs refilling. The indicator for replenishment is if it is producing too little vapor. Then your e-cig requires more liquid.
If the filter is too try for too long, then it will typically result in a destroyed atomizer and that the top of the cotton wool in the filter is burnt. This will result in a burning taste. The only solution is to change the atomizer and/or the filter.

 How long is the shelf life of e-liquids / e-liquid:

ePuff have a shelf life of 1 ½ years on all our liquids. All the packages in the receiving fluid, sre supposed to be marked with expiry date.

 My TANK is leaking fluid - what do I do?:

 You must always make sure that the TANK filter is fully inserted into the atomizer, otherwise there will be a high probability for fluid leakage. Do not try to disassemble the filter. The results will be leakage of fluid. The TANK filter / container should preferably be refilled when there's 10% liquid left in the tank. If the tank is less than 10% full, then its unique construction often cause fluid leaks.

The only thing you can do is try out a new filter or a new atomizer.

If you have a Joyetech TANK model, we recommend you buy the soft rubber lids. It's our experience that these lids are quite better to avoid fluid leaks.

In case of a liquid leakage you can avoid getting the liquid directly into your mouth by using the rubber covers for the TANK cartridge. The fluid will then stay in the cover.

My e-cigarette tastes burnt - what do I:

 Puff the mouthpiece 1-2 times without pressing the LED button. It adds liquid to the atomizer evaporation chamber without causing an evaporation of the liquid.
Shake the e-cigarette a few times back and forth. It adds liquid to the atomizer evaporating chamber.
Puff the e-cigarette normally hereafter.
If the burned taste is still there, repeat the above.

 If the burned taste will not go away, switch atomizer / atomizer head.

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