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Upon issuance of the order, you have the option to pay directly via credit card or you may choose to simply create your order and subsequent pay via money transfer. If you pay with credit card the money will not be debited from your account before the goods are shipped.

At ePuff.co.uk you have 2 options when making the payment:

  • International credit cards: Visa, Visa electron, Mastercard, Maestro and JCD.
    • VISA ElectronVISA Electron
    • MastercardMastercard
    • MaestroMaestro
    • JCBJCB
    • PayPalPayPal
    • ViabillViabill
  • Money transfer via your bank

No transaction cost for using credit cards at ePuff !!!!!

If you make a bank transfer you shall settle the payment on the below mentionend account. Please make a reference to your order number. If you choose to make payment via bank transfer you will recieve relevant account information in your order comfirmation e-mail. Please notice that your order will not be expedited before the payment has been registrered in our bank. In case you misplace this e-mail or it's bloked in your spamfilter you shall transfer the money to the following account:

England:  Danske Bank (previously Northern Bank):

Currency Sort Code Account No. IBAN BIC/Swift
GBP 950529 70029432 GB23DABA95052970029432 DABAGB2B
 EUR  950529  60029459  GB85DABA95052960029459  DABAGB2B

Denmark (Danske Bank):

Currency Reg.No Account No. IBAN BIC/Swift
DKK 3574 11373909 DK2230000011373909 DABADKKK

Sweden (Danske Bank):

Bankgiro nr.: 525-4784

Currency Reg.No Account No. IBAN BIC/Swift
SEK  1220 146027 SE3412000000012200146027 DABASESX

Norway (Danske Bank):

Currency Reg.No Account No. IBAN BIC/Swift
NOK  36BB 86014742648 NO5586014742648 DABANO22

Finland (Danske Bank):

Currency Reg.No Account No. IBAN BIC/Swift
EUR   81619710003483 FI1081619710003483   DABAFIHH


Reciever of the payment is:

c/o eSug.co.uk Ltd
High Street 80
Kingswinford, B63 3BA

If we are not able to fulfil your entire order, we will reduce your payment to the new total. So no reason to worry. However, we cannot increase the total in case you wish to add one or more order lines, and a new order/payment will be required in that case.

If you have questions please mail mail@ePuff.co.uk

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