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About us

Epuff.co.uk is one of the pioneers within the e-cigarette industry in United Kingdom. We were actually one of the very first webshops on the UK market when we launched our webshop in January 2011. Since the beginning, we have had the pleasure of being able to offer e-cigarette products from Joyetech.

The products from Joyetech were one of the contributing factors to our success in the very beginning because these products have always been of high quality, as well as, joyetech´s ability to be innovative in terms of design and functionality of the e-cigarettes themselves.

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Since then there have come many other manufacturers to the market, and epuff.co.uk has always chosen to focus on those manufacturers with high quality products only.

In addition to focusing on high quality products, we have also decided that epuff.co.uk must always have a wide and deep range of products, so there is something for all types of customers. So we have products that appeal to the customers who focus on the cheaper products and also for those who want the more expensive products. And this of course also applies to our e-liquids, where we have everything from our own ePuff Basic e-liquid assortment to the more exclusive Five Pawns e-liquid from California, known as the best e-liquid on the market.

Epuff.co.uk – The early years

For the first 4 years of existence, epuff.co.uk focused only on becoming the best e-cigarette shop in the United Kingdom. We think we have managed quite well when looking at both design and functionality of the webshop. We are the only webshop in the industry where you can actually finish your purchase with ONLY 2 clicks after you have put your items in the basket. Of course, this is assuming you have saved your customer data in our customer center. Over these 4 years we have expanded our webshop to include online shops in the Denmark, Germany, Norway and Sweden. In 2015, we established the first physical store in Denmark, and there will hopefully many more.

Loyalty program and much more

When you buy from our webshop we have a special welcome program for you, where you get some special offers, and will receive some e-mails to ensure that you are a satisfied customer and are well on your way when you have decided to buy an e-cigarette instead of the cigarettes. Once you have purchased 4 times from us and for a certain minimum amount, we will consider you a loyal customer and you begin to earn loyalty points which you can use as payment on your future orders. Every time you make a purchase up and until your 10th order, we increase the number of points you earn. So something for something.

We focus on continuous development at epuff.co.uk, and fortunately we have a lot of exciting ideas for the development of the business, so being a part of epuff.co.uk will mean to be actively participating in being at the forefront of what the e-cigarette industry can provide - both when it comes to the buying experience and the web shop functionalities. Especially because we listen a lot to our customers. So if you have any good ideas for improvement we will listen and react quickly to the good suggestions.

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