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Brand:Mr. Chew

Mr. Chew Kit - Spearmint 60 ml

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Brand:Beard Vape

Strawberry Strudel eLiquid Kit - 60 ml

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Aspire Zelos startkit - 50W

GBP 45,99DKK 45,99
Item no:320
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Aspire Skystar Revvo Kit - 210W

GBP 80,00GBP 65,00DKK 80,00
Item no:610
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Electronic Cigarettes – Read all about it

We all know that smoking isn’t good for your health or your pocket, but it’s easier said than done when trying to cut down or quit altogether.  Electronic cigarettes are 80% cheaper than ordinary tobacco cigarettes and remember that e- cigarettes (as they are also called) are not part of the smoking law.  You will find below links to detailed articles about the pros and cons of using electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes without the 4000+ cancer causing ingredients

There’s no tobacco involved when vaping (smoking) an e-cigarette.  It produces a harmless vapour, so it’s healthier for you and you’re not exposing others to passive smoking.  The vapour doesn’t discolour your teeth, fingers or leave behind the pungent smell of ordinary tobacco cigarettes.

You can choose a liquid flavour  with our without nicotine.  If you do want a liquid with nicotine, again you have a choice of strengths.

electronic cigarettes

How does an electronic cigarette work?

An e-cigarette is made up of a battery, a vaporising unit (clearomizer/cartomizer) and some e liquid.  The battery gives power to the coil in the bottom of the vaporiser which then heats up  the liquid in the coil to produce vapour.  The vapour you inhale resembles normal cigarette smoke but without all the harmful toxins and additives.

You charge the e-cigarette with the charger included in our kits.

How an E Cigarette works

Electronic cigarettes – read articles on pros and cons

Debate on electronic cigarettes.  Questions and answers

05.09 2014 E-Cigarettes Could Save Thousands - Sky News

03.07 2014  The Report: "E-cigarettes" -  BBC Radio 4 Broadcast

18.06 2014  Tobacco Companies Trying To Keep Up With E-Cig Market - Las Vegas Review Journal

29.05 2014  Resist urge to control electronic cigarettes", WHO told.  - BBC News Report.

16.05 2014  Electronic cigarettes do not get non-smokers to quite af e-cigaretter.  - Helsinki Times

03.05 2014  e-cigarettes are making tobacco obsolete. So why ban them?  - The Spectator

05.04 2014  Can electronic cigarettes surpass big tobacco in 10 years?   - BusinessVibes

12.11 2013  Elektronic cigarettes "could save millions of lives".  - BBC News Report

How to order your electronic cigarette

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